Boracay Island On Rehab

It is official. The Philippine government has closed down the white-sand beaches of Boracay to travelers.

Starting this April, an imposed six months rehabilitation program to Boracay is set to help restore the beauty of the island and more development. The reason behind the closure is the officials have warned the island’s drainage system is being used to send untreated sewage from hotels and restaurants directly into the island waters. Thus, bringing a toxic waste to the turquoise water of the island.

In regards to beach closure, the Government of Thailand also made a similar decision. They announced a four-month closure of the beautiful Maya Bay on Phi Phi island in the Andaman Sea starting this June of 2018.

And with that, I am posting some old throwback photos of the island of Boracay.

“But still, no matter what travelers does to this island, there is one thing that will never be changed: The perfect thin white sand and turquoise waters.”


“So don’t sit back and watch the days go by.
Are you ever gonna live before you die?”
    – Lifehouse (Days Go By)