The Light to Night Festival

Chromascope by Spinifex Group

Now in its second year, the Light to Night Festival has returned to the Civic District for the annual Singapore Art Week 2018. This year’s night festival theme is called “Colour Sensation”.

As you walk around the park, there’s live music performance, food stalls, and cool art installations are all lined up. One that catches my attention (or everybody) was the biggest, visual and colorful light show on the facade of those historical buildings. It features 30 images on loop designed by Singaporean and Singaporean based multimedia artist and designers and it produces a vibrant “art skin” on the monuments.

The Civic and Cultural District is located in the central area of the city which includes the National Museum of Singapore, Supreme Court Building, Asian Civilization Museum, City Hall and the Victoria Concert Hall.

Art Skins on Monuments

by Brandon Tay X Safuan Johar


Victoria Theatre

Asian Civilization Museum

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