The Dragon Awakens at Marina Bay Sands

Dragons at The Shoppes

Let’s head out to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and look for this giant mythical creatures lurking around one of Singapore’s largest luxury shopping mall with amazing views of the city skyline.

Once I reached the main entrance of The Shoppes, I was greeted and stared by this huge turquoise dragon suspended above the atrium, stretching across the canal and towards the escalators. A fierce dragon’s eye staring with intensity has captured me as I saw them. The bold fiery colors of orange and yellow of the eye stands out wonderfully. Besides it’s empowering size and length, the dragons appears stunning because of it’s deep turquoise color. The way they strongly float, suspended in the atrium strikes a strong and impressive admiration to the dragon. Together with the crowds, I just can’t stop taking photos of them too! LOL

So there are four dragons at Marina Bay Sands all made of poly foam and fiberglass – 3 at The Shoppes and one at the hotel lobby of Tower 1. The two main dragons which is hanging on the ceiling is a 40-meter-long in front of a grand 15-meter-tall Dragon’s Gate. The third and fourth dragon are shorter at 22 meter tall located at the South entrance of The Shoppes and at the hotel lobby of Tower 1. The symbolic display welcomes visitors into an auspicious year, featuring artistic elements like 88 koi fish decorations, an iridescent dragon’s pearl, and 28 blooming lotus lanterns. These decorations embody a contemporary interpretation of the Chinese mythology ‘The Legend of the Dragon Gate,’ with the dragon installations narrating a tale of perseverance leading to prosperity.

The Legend of the Dragon Gate is an old Chinese mythology. It’s the story of thousands of Koi fish swimming upstream together against a strong current and must make it atop the waterfall. Some of them gave up and chose to be carried away by the river’s current. The strong and determined fish keep pushing and leaping trying hard to move forward everyday. However, none ever crossed the line. A hundred year later, a persevered koi eventually made it to the top where the gods awarded the lone koi into the most auspicious creature in Chinese legend a Dragon Koi. This made the koi fish associated with strong character, perseverance, courage and a symbol of luck.

Located at the lobby of Tower 1, This dragon is twisted in a loop with the head at level for human photo ops.

From a modern iteration of the Chinese mythology ‘The Legend of the Dragon Gate’, where a steadfast koi ascends the fabled Dragon Gate, reimagined to be Marina Bay Sands. A symbol of unwavering strength, the koi ultimately transforms into a magnificent dragon, soaring triumphantly in the sky.

– Marina Bay Sands
Double Dragon

Dragon-Themed Drone Show

Besides the mythical dragon installations, one of the most exciting part at night was the drone light show. It was originally scheduled for six nights but due to some concerns – mechanical problems, weather, safety and security, some of the shows are cancelled. But all in all, the show was a success!

The 10-minute drone show features dragon-themed illuminations lighting up the sky for the Chinese New Year celebration. The Legend of the Gate – Drone Show by the Bay uses more than 1,500 drones above the Marina Bay waterfront. I went on the first day and I was disappointed because of the weather. A quick heavy rain dumped as at the start of the show and we all run for cover. A few minutes later, it stopped but everything was all ruined. I saw the drones formed into a dragon and it was beautiful. Sadly, I didn’t have a chance to take photos of it.

Here is an amazing clip of the drone show from people I follow on Instagram:

What you think of the dragon installations? Love to hear your thoughts and comment.

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