Gaomei Wetland Preservation Area

“Watching sunsets around the world is boring – no one ever said!

Gaomei Wetlands

This is one of the places I have been looking forward to before going to Taichung. I have read and heard how beautiful and picturesque the wetlands are. Located in Qingshui District, the place is quite difficult to reach if you are commuting as it is isolated from the main highway. As the nearest train station is Qingshui, you still need to take a bus or grab a taxi cab going there – or better yet just negotiate for a round trip.

We are lucky the weather is in tune with us that afternoon. And as expected, the place is so crowded as everyone waits for the sunset and are moving towards the boardwalk for the sunset viewing.

The view of the turbine and the golden sunset setting into the horizontal is so relaxing and full of serenity. The colours the sun creates against the sky gives you a better sense of gratitute to the beauty of this place. No matter how crowded the place is, you will never get bored watching the sunset as everyday is different.

According to history, Gaomei used to be a bathing beach during the Japanese occupation period. Unfortunately, as the beach has reached its peak, it was closed to visitors for years. Having been deserted, migratory birds, crabs and plants breed in the areas. By 1993, the 700-hectare Gaomei Wetland is officially established.

Iron Man in Taichung

Taiwanese Iron Man singing and dancing is a fixture at Gaomei Wetlands.

Iron Man in Gaomei Wetlands
Iron Man in Taichung

The Wetlands

Gaomei Wetlands
The Wetlands
Gaomei Wetland
Sunset in Taichung

Address: Coastal Area of Qingshui, Taichung City.

Contact Number: +886-4-2656-5810 

Opening Hours: Daily. Except on high tide.

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