Gardens by the Bay: Mid-Autumn Festival 2019

Gardens by the Bay:
Mid-Autumn Festival 2019

It’s the mid-autumn festival and it’s the season of delicious mooncakes, lighted lanterns, family gatherings and a time to give thanks to the gods. The festival is usually celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar calendar.

This year, Gardens by the Bay transformed and lighted the gardens. This is a beautiful way to see and experience Chinese traditions and cultures through lanterns and lights.

Gardens By The Bay

Lattice of Lights

Total of 90 one-meter-tall lanterns hangs from the roof of the lattice structure at Bayfront Plaza.

Lantern Display
Mid-Autumn Festival

Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance is the most popular traditional dance in Chinese culture. From festivals to special occasions and to the most grandest Chinese New Year, Dragon Dance is everywhere worldwide. The dragon symbolizes power, strength and good luck.

Dragon Lantern
Dragon Lantern

Giant Revolving Lantern

The giant revolving lantern wrapped around the supertree measures 30 meters in diameter. Visitors can actually go inside the lantern and view the story.

Gardens by the Bay Lantern

String Puppet

Chinese puppetry is a popular street entertainment celebrated mostly in the festival and theatres. Brought in and influenced by immigrants from China, this lantern installation is an example of the Hokkien String Puppet that has 12 strings attached.

Puppet Lanterns
Puppet Show
Puppet Lantern

Joyous Union

‘Fetching the Bride’ is a Chinese wedding tradition. The bride and groom are escorted by the matchmaker and musicians playing music.

Other amazing lanterns at the Gardens by the Bay:

Lantern Dispplay
rabbit Lantern
Rooster Lantern
Fish Lantern
Lanterns at the Bay
Lanterns by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay: 30 August – 15 September 2019

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