Gardens By The Bay: Mid Autumn Festival 2018


Gardens By the Bay: MID AUTUMN FESTIVAL 2018

The Gardens by the Bay lighted up the skies with their huge mythical lantern creatures as it celebrates the Mid Autumn festival. Based on the theme “Autumn of Fantasies”, every lantern illuminates the gardens becoming a magical of brightly lighted lanterns.

Jade Rabbit and the Moon


Mid Autumn Lantern Festival
Mid Autumn Festival 2018

The Phoenix and the Peony at the Supertree Grove

In Chinese mythology, the Phoenix is the king of birds and is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity. Peony is the king of flowers and it is called the flower of wealth and honor.
The Phoenix at the Super Tree
Supertree Grove

Phoenix and the Peony
The Phoenix


Leaping Over the Dragons Gate

Leaping Over the Dragon's Gate

Sky Lantern Dreams

Sky Lantern Dreams

Concert at the Supertree Grove


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EVENT DETAILS: Gardens by the Bay Official Site. Click Here
  • Thurs, 6 Sep 2018 – Mon, 24 Sep 2018
  • From 6 pm onwards
  • Programmes are free unless otherwise indicated.