Mount Pulag National Park

Adventure Above the Clouds


Benguet Province. We start off from the little province town of Babadak, Kabayan which is the ranger’s station for registration and orientation. The place is lined with shops (sari-sari store), restaurants and restrooms. Try to dump your load before having trouble finding a spot when you’re on the trail. This is the starting point of almost every trekker and climber’s journey up to Mount Pulag.

As the third highest mountain in the Philippines, Mount Pulag National Park is a favorite of almost all hiking and mountaineering enthusiast. Located within the borders of Benguet and Ifugao Provinces, the park is at 2,922 meters above sea level. The Mt. Pulag National Park spans 11,500 hectares.

“a largely mountainous landscape of pine forests, mossy forests, grasslands,… and cultivated and residential areas,” according to the book, “Biodiversity and Natural Resources Conservation in Protected Areas of Korea and the Philippines.”


Mount Pulag

Our Campsite


Mount Pulag


The Summit

Sea of Clouds


4:30 AM

It was pure darkness and the temperature is dropping at 7 degrees Celsius. It was a frozen morning and we are packed to our final ascent to the summit of Mount Pulag.

5:25 AM

Finally, as the sun slowly began to rise, an endless ocean of clouds are lit below us. It was a sight to behold – we saw the transformation from black to red, followed by shades of oranges and yellow and finally to a clear blue sky.

The Summit



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