i Light Festival


ELEMENTS OF LIFE by Flex Chew (Malaysia) at Merlion Park


Returning on its sixth year is the iLight Marina Bay, a sustainable light art festival with an all-new 22 set of light installation works from the local and international artist. The festival’s aim is to use energy-saving light and recycled or environmentally-friendly materials to promote awareness of saving energy and to the environment.

The festival is held at the Bayfront area towards the Marina Bay waterfront and it’s absolutely free of admission. yehh! LOL

The Bayfront Area

PASSAGE by Canadian artist Serge Maheu.
LIGHT BREEZE by LaSalle College of Arts (Singapore)
Chandelier of Spirits by Living Spirits (Thailand)
MAILBoX by Christopher Simpson, Isabela Bain, Khan Nguyen, James Rotanson, Anthony Zeater, Steven Bai (Australia)

DANCING GRASS by Siyoung Kim and Yuree Hong (South Korea)
ILLUMAPHONIUM by Michael Davis (UK)
Created by musician and inventor Michael Davis, the illumaphonium is an aluminum chime bar that responds to touch bringing a pattern of light and sound. The very multi-sensory and interactive art installation was at the Pod at Singapore River.