Street Art: Rainbow Village in Taichung City

Rainbow Village

Step inside the vibrant neighborhood that Mr. Huang Yong-fu single-handedly covered the village with his paintings!

Could this be one of the worlds most colorful neighborhood village in the world?

His murals spark travelers and street art fans around the world to come and visit this tiny village in Taichung City. With tourist coming in and the attention in the media, his murals became an instagram hot spots and a visual street art eye candy. Other than his murals, Mr. Yong-fus’s inspiring story is worth to know. It’s how a person could make a change with creativity and art. Small project, big impact!

Although it is a small village (or what’s left of it) and a long trip from the city, it’s still worth the time to see the neighborhood walls drenched with vibrant hues and meet (if your lucky) the mastermind behind the colorful murals. From a former army barracks, Mr. Yong-Fu (a.k.a Rainbow Grandpa) started to give life by painting the walls of the remaining homes one day at a time. The volume of visitors, local protest and the help of media led to fend off contractors from demolishing the village.

It’s a wonderful place to be at. If your into street art, colors, and history – it’s worth the travel!

Rainbow Village
Rainbow Village
Welcome to rainbow Village
Coffee Shop at the Rainbow Village
Coffee shop inside the village.
Rainbow Village

Address: Taimao 5th Vil., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 408, Taiwan

Opening Hours (Official): (9am – 6pm)

Admission: Free

How to get There:

By Taxi: (From Taichung HSR station) around 15 minutes travel – 200NTD.

By Bus: (From Taichung HSR Station) Take bus 27 to Ling Tung University, then 10 minute walk to Rainbow Village.

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