Rose Romance Exhibition in Singapore

Rose Romance is a flower exhibition that showcases close to 16,000 roses of 70 varieties, curated in collaboration with the Turkish Embassy of Singapore. In it’s fifth edition, the Damask Rose are being featured at Gardens by the Bay’s Rose Romance floral display.

Damask rose is one of the oldest and cherished flowers in history. Highly valued in the medicinal and perfume industry, the Damask rose is primarily cultivated in Turkey, Morocco, Iran and Bulgaria. Turkey’s Isparta province is among the world’s top growers of the damask rose. Located in the southwest of Turkey, Isparta is known as the City of Roses for its favorable climate for growing the highest quality of roses in the world.

Harvest season starts between May and the end of June.

Rose Romance aims to take visitors on a journey to the ancient ruins of Hierapolis and the rose gardens of Isparta, as well as other cultural landmarks like Sagalassos” – Ms Grace Yang, senior manager of conservatory operations at Gardens by the Bay.

Highlights of the Rose Romance

Traditional Bodrum Houses

Bodrum houses are mainly built with white hard stones and complemented with blue wooden doors and windows that colors the whitewash stone walls. The doors and window panes are painted blue as it is believed that the use of white is good for keeping the insects out while blue wards off bad luck from the “evil eyes.” The evil eye also serves as a protection from negative fate and bad karma.

Perfume Store

Isparta rose is known for its red and pink tones. Its flowers are large and intensely scented. This rose variety is also preferred for rose oil production. Rose oil is a natural ingredient widely used in the perfumery and cosmetics industry. Rose oil obtained from the Isparta rose stands out with its quality and aroma.

Antonine Nymphaeum

This replica of the Antonine nymphaeum is a 9 m high and 28 m long monumental fountain and was originally constructed at the Upper Agora between 161-180 AD, with the purpose of bringing social and aesthetic aspects to the political centre of the ancient city.

Pumakkale Thermal Pools

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Pumakkale Thermal Pools is an amazing landscape consist of white terraces made of the sedimentary limestone cascading down a cliffside. From afar it looks like the mountain is covered with snow, but when you go up-close is made of calcium rock.

Above the thermal pools are hot air balloons which is a popular tourist activities in Cappadocia.

Damask Rose and Rose Distilleries

Isparta is the heart of Rose Oil industry. It is where roses are grown and distilled and rose oil is one of its most valuable offerings. Rose collection is still done by hand during the harvest season from May to June. Rose picking starts early morning before sun rise. The harvested petals are then send to a laborious technique of steam distillation retains the essence and therapeutic benefits of the petals, resulting to an essential rose oil.

The amount of rose petals needed to make one litre of rose oil is 3,500 kg.

Address: Gardens by the Bay, Flower Dome, 18 Marina Gardens Dr
Opening Hours: 9.00am – 9.00pm Daily
Ticket Prices: Resident Adult – $12, Senior + Kids, Non-Resident Adult – $32, Kids – $18

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