Street Art In Baguio City

“Street Art: It’s currently the most photographed form of art on Instagram”

Street Art in Baguio City

For some people, street art or graffiti would easily be considered as an act of vandalism or see it as a hideous view along the street that must be covered and painted in dull plain color. And a few people, they recognize it as an artwork, a perfection that expresses their distinctiveness or represents their talent that is influenced by culture, politics, music, and religion. Although street art is not for everyone, I find it a cool way to animate a space or walls with vibe and attitude. It even makes it more pleasing and uniquely attractive for photoshoots.

Known as the city of Pines and it’s year-long cool temperature, Baguio City is a small mountainous city north of  Metro Manila. Wandering around the city center, you will be left disappointed as there is zero street art. Most are seen on the outskirts of the city. As a City Ordinance, unauthorized graffiti or murals is punishable by law and a fine or imprisonment is set as a sanction.

Street art is never really a mainstream culture in my hometown, but the number of local artist in the community is expanding.

Where To Find Street Art in Baguio City?

Furthermore, more creative art spaces have popped up in the city which are into unique artworks, sculptures, and installations. Some of this places have local artist works displayed and exhibited around the Tam-Awan Village, Oh My Gulay Restaurant, and The famous BenCab Museum (to name a few).

Location: Tam-Awan Village
Pinsao Proper, Baguio City

Street Art

Street Art Baguio City


Blue Man


Location: Military Cutoff Road

Location: Magsaysay Avenue

Art Mural
In this posting, I tried to look for more murals in the city. If you happen to know more, drop me a comment here and let me know. Salamat!