Dahlia Dreams 2024

This is Gardens by the Bay’s Lunar New Year floral display featuring dahlias, camellias and many more flowers of hues of red and yellow. This year’s theme is Dahlia Dreams: The Legend of the Dragon Gate. Taking inspirations from an old Chinese mythology about perseverance, courage and a symbol of luck.

Dahlia Dreams has been a recurring theme for the past several years at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay. This year, the exhibition is in relation to Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dragon. Dahlia Dreams is a breathtaking floral fantasy, art installations and a huge wooden dragon as the centerpiece of this exhibition. Standing high at 7 meters, the wooden dragon is 15 meters long lounging in the centre of the Flower Dome surrounded by more than 1,000 dahlias of 40 varieties.

The Legend of the Dragon Gate is an old Chinese mythology. It’s the story of thousands of Koi fish swimming upstream together against a strong current and must make it atop the waterfall. Some of them gave up and chose to be carried away by the river’s current. The strong and determined fish keep pushing and leaping trying hard to move forward everyday. However, none ever crossed the line. A hundred year later, a persevered koi eventually made it to the top where the gods awarded the lone koi into the most auspicious creature in Chinese legend a Dragon Koi. This made the koi fish associated with strong character, perseverance, courage and a symbol of luck.

Dahlia flower meanings include beauty, eternal love, inner strength, dignity, and kindness.

Flower Dome

The Bearer of Infinite Blessings

The Bearer of Infinite Blessings sculpture serves as a symbol of prosperity and renewal. The 6m-tall dragon structure is the welcoming sculpture inside the Flower Dome. The installation is created by British driftwood sculpture James Doran-Webb and is constructed from dead wood and recycled stainless steel.


The 5 Elements Dragon

The Lion & Dragon Dance

The Flowers. Nothing is more important than the various flowers inside the Flower dome.

Address: Gardens by the Bay, Flower Dome, 18 Marina Gardens Dr
Opening Hours: 9.00am – 9.00pm Daily
Ticket Prices: Resident Adult – $12, Senior + Kids, Non-Resident Adult – $32, Kids – $18

That’s all for now and Thank you for dropping by!